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GreenRR Space

Welcome to our website! We are a dedicated team of individuals who are deeply concerned about the health of our environment and committed to making a positive impact

About Us

The Problem

Our governments evolved in a world where resources seemed infinite. They cannot manage widespread, long-term existential problems like climate change. Nor are they effective at solving localized environmental problems.

Our Mission

We want to make it possible for every person and organization on the planet to work together in an evidence-based way to support environmental and sustainability goals.

Our Stakeholders

  • People who care about Planet Earth
  • Non-profits, Foundations and NGOs who share our Mission
  • Research Entities who can propose and vette projects
  • Companies that care about ESG

Our Plan

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Phase 1

Our first program will be Plant a Tree - Get a Coin! Companies that care about ESG can multiply their impact 3-4x and engage their stakeholders by sponsoring this program.Participating individuals will receive a cryptocurrency reward and optionally a governance token. Our market research indicates these rewards will double participation.

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Phase 2

We will expand our decentralized finance "DeFi" application beyond projects to support research and education around environmental sustainability. Stakeholders at all levels can participate in governance, and both funders and project actors will have the option of being rewarded with cryptocurrency.

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Phase 3

Governance will be spun off into multiple Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, with each group responsible for different types of environmental projects.

Contact Us

Let us Know you Care

We are actively seeking individuals and organizations with deep knowledge about sustainability to participate at the Board level.

Tell us who you are and how you'd like to help.

We are also seeking Affiliate Board members to serve on committees, make evidence-based proposals in support of sustainability, perform as Actors, act as Verifiers, and generally Get Stuff Done.

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